The world around us is a far more uniquely interesting place than most people today seem to recognize. Today, cell phones, the internet, and hand-held devices are taking the lead in distracting us from what is right before our eyes. In an ever-changing society of fast paced change and rapid desperation for entertainment, one must shed aside the constant subjection to diversions and keenly look around. Sometimes, what you find, be it under a magnifying glass or larger than life, will surprise you in ways that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

I have particular passion for pushing the boundaries of reality to a more personalized ideal appearance and bringing out unseen detail, as I venture on to keep trying to awaken the extraordinary in everyday life.

Please feel free to browse my galleries, ask about print types, or contact me if you have a custom shoot or project in mind that my style and experience would be suited for. 

Thank you!

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